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Private Aircraft Airframe Maintenance

The Pentastar Avionics Maintenance Department:

  • Holds Class 3 and Class 4 Airframe Ratings and specializes in the maintenance of modern corporate jet aircraft which is part of our private jet management program
  • Specializes in all models of Gulfstream aircraft
  • Operates and maintains numerous business aircraft models

Gulfstream Airframe Service and Support



  • Pre–buy evaluations
  • Baggage door repairs
  • Wing attach fittings replacement (3 piece)
  • Sponson rib replacement
  • Vertical stab removal and inspection
  • Trunnion bearing over-sizing
  • Major fuel tank structural repairs
  • Landing gear fwd & aft lug over-sizing
  • Sponson plate R&R/repairs
  • Vertical attach fitting over-sizing


  • 12, 24, 72, 96, 192 month inspections
  • 5000 landing
  • Tech appraisal
  • Customer requested due list items

Falcon Airframe Service and Support



  • Pre–buy evaluations
  • Gear overhaul requirements
  • Fuel leak & tank repairs
  • SB & AD modifications


  • All major and minor inspections

Challenger Airframe Service and Support



  • Pre–buy evaluations
  • Windshield removal and replacement
  • Corrosion repairs
  • Major airframe repairs


  • All major and minor inspections
  • Hourly inspections
  • Calendar inspections

Hawker Airframe Service and Support



  • A thru G
  • Major inspections
  • Out of phase
  • Structural

Lear Airframe Service and Support



  • Pre–buy evaluations
  • 12,000 hour
  • 12 year
  • Phase A,B,C and D
  • Calendar
  • Hourly

Citation Airframe Service and Support



  • Pre–buy evaluations
  • Phase
  • Calendar
  • Hourly

Aircraft Detailing


Pentastar Aviation's detailing department can handle all your detailing needs, from small business aircraft to large commercial jets. Pentastar’s detail department is available 24/7, and can adjust to any flight schedule.

Exterior Services

  • Full exterior washing
  • Detailing of wheels, wheel wells and landing gear
  • All brightwork services (using the latest technology in the industry)
  • Paint polishing
  • Spot cleaning

Interior Services

  • Full interior detailing
  • Leather cleaning
  • Removal and steam cleaning of main cabin carpet
  • Lavatory and potable water servicing
  • Spot cleaning


  • FAA Approved 14 CFR 145 Repair Station BTVR 626C
  • FAA Diamond Award Recipient

FAA Design Approvals

The growth of aircraft manufacturing, along with enhanced regulatory requirements over the last 20 years, have made it increasingly difficult for many peer organizations to obtain Supplemental Type Certifications (STCs) and Parts Manufacturing Approvals (PMAs). However, our design team has the extensive knowledge and experience regarding the certification of avionics systems for both U.S. and E.U. Regulatory Agencies, as well as numerous Supplemental Type Certifications, internationally and domestically. We have also developed STCs for a number of companies, including Rockwell Collins, which have resulted in Parts Manufacturing Approvals. Because of this unique level of expertise, aircraft manufacturers, as well as other design companies, often contact our certified experts for special consultations.

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