On-Duty Supervisor 248-666-8388

AOG Services & Drop-In Maintenance

Aircraft on Ground (AOG) Issues

Grounded with a Maintenance or Avionics issue? Call us 24/7 to get your aircraft back in the air. Our rapid response AOG team will go to work for you immediately to ensure that our team is onsite responding to your needs as quickly as possible.

Let Pentastar Aviation take the stress out of coordinating maintenance needs for your transient aircraft.

Drop-in Maintenance

Pentastar Aviation can accommodate unscheduled drop-in maintenance/avionics needs 24/7 to ensure you meet your flight schedules.

From oxygen servicing to windshield replacement, let Pentastar’s extensive experience in the aviation business and private jet aircraft management go to work for you.

Maintenance Control Direct Line:


Stay Connected
Our on-ramp WiFi capabilities at PTK meet all of the new aircraft requirements, including those for the Gulfstream G650 and G280.