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Class 2 Articulating iPad Yoke Mount for the Cockpit

FAA STC Approved Class 2 EFB Mount for iPad

Aircraft iPad Yoke Mount Options: Class 1 vs. Class 2

Class 1 iPad MountClass 2 Yoke Mount
Mounting/InstallationPortable device with one turn lock to secure iPad that is deemed a "Viewable Stowage" (carry-on) device by the FAA.
No installation Certification required.
Requires Class 2 EFB installation, which is a permanent installation into the aircraft.
Compatible Electronic ProductsCompatible with iPad® 2, 3 (New) and 4 (Retinal Display) Compatible with iPad® 2 & 3
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  • Class 2 EFB installation
  • Available with optional dual independent power supplies
  • AML STC includes Gulfstream GII, GIIB, GIV, GIV-SP, GV, G400, G450 and G550 aircraft
  • Additional aircraft types will be added to the Approved Model List soon
  • Additional tablet brands and mounting locations will be added to the Approved Model List

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