We are pleased to partner with the following vendors to provide you with industry leading parts and services:

SmartSky Networks

SmartSky’s patented 4G beamforming technology delivers a signal that locks onto each aircraft in the network. Its broadband connectivity system will provide air-to-ground service over the continental United States. An air-to-ground (ATG) platform with 60 MHz of spectrum opens up full-throttle, unrestricted access to the web. Passengers can do it all: stream, chat, text, call, game and videoconference.


GoGo Avance L5

gogo Business aviationWe are also taking the lead to meet the connectivity needs of our customers by working with Gogo Business Aviation to develop STCs for the company’s Gogo AVANCE L5 (4G) system in Gulfstream G450 and G550 aircraft.

Gogo AVANCE L5 connects aircraft to the Gogo Biz 4G network enabling a 4G experience and greater in-flight amenities such as streaming audio and video, email with large attachments, and faster web browsing. The new STCs will bring it all to life for business travelers using the onboard Wi-Fi network offered by Gogo, the leader in in-flight connectivity equipment.

Our seamless travel also means seamless connectivity.