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Private Jet Prices & Charter Hourly Rates

The Right Jet for the Trip

When you choose private jet charter with Pentastar, you'll have access to our full fleet of private jets. Regardless of destination, our knowledgeable staff will help you select the perfect aircraft for your trip. We have available trip support 24/7 that will ensure a smooth flight from takeoff to landing.

Private Jet Charter Rates

To help you get started, please review the chart below which provides detailed information on general aircraft features and private jet costs for six basic jet categories. Simply click on the category to access information on individual jets. Please note that our charter sales experts are available to review private jet prices with you and find the perfect jet for your trip. Whether you're traveling for business or leisure, we are dedicated to providing the best charter solution for every trip.

CategoryRange (statute miles)Passenger CapacityHourly Rate*
Light 800-2,400 4 - 7 $1,700-$2,850
Mid-Size 1,200-3,400 6 - 9 $2,700-$3,500
Super Mid-Size 3,300-4,000 8 - 10 $3,500-$4,200
Heavy 3,000-6,500 8 - 19 $4,500-$5,800
Ultra Long Range 5,400-7,000 10 - 19 $6,800-$8,500
Turbo Prop 1,200-2,000 6 - 9 $1,400-$1,800

Sample Pricing

Detroit Area Myrtle Beach Light Jet $16,560  5 day trip
Detroit Area Orlando Light Jet $19,500  5 day trip
New York City Scottsdale Mid-size Jet $26,750  one way
Detroit Area New York City Super Mid-size $6,800  one-way
New York City Los Angeles Super Mid-size $27,000  one-way
New York City Louisville Light Jet $14,000  weekend trip
Detroit Area Mackinac Island Turbo Prop $5,200  1 day trip
New York City Paris Heavy Jet $115,000  3 day trip
Santa Barbara Chicago Mid-size Jet $23,500  one way
Los Angeles Cabo Light Jet $25,000  RT
Detroit Area Toronto Turbo Prop $4,500  1 day trip
Detroit Area Chicago Light Jet $9,000 weekend trip

*Deadhead and repositioning costs will apply on certain trips. Cost does not include fuel surcharge, taxes, landing fees and other charges.