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FBO Services

FBO ServicesPentastar Aviation’s exceptional executive terminal facility in Waterford, Michigan greatly surpass the standard definition of a Fixed Based Operation (FBO). Our FBO has been thoughtfully designed to provide you with the most refined and relaxing accommodations — including luxurious pilot and passenger lounges, executive conference facilities, flight planning services, Wi-Fi and big-screen plasma televisions. Everywhere you look, your comfort and security have been addressed and exceed industry standards — with heated hangars, secure ramp access, gourmet food service, an attentive concierge service and much more.

Handling Fees

Pentastar Aviation is committed to delivering the highest standards of safety and service to our customers.  From the comfort of our FBO facilities, to the convenience and personalization of our concierge services, every crew member and passenger is treated like a VIP.  In addition to comfort and convenience, we also operate with the goal of providing customers maximum value, with several service options that allow the waiver of handling charges.

Aircraft Type Minimum Uplift Handling Fee
Single Engine 25 Gallons $25
Twin Engine 50 Gallons $50
Light Jet 75 Gallons $100
Light—Midsize Turboprop 75 Gallons $100
Midsize—Heavy Jet 200 Gallons $250
Large Turboprop 200 Gallons $250
Super Heavy Jet 400 Gallons $500


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Stay Connected
Our on-ramp WiFi capabilities at PTK meet all of the new aircraft requirements, including those for the Gulfstream G650 and G280.