Connect At The Speed of Flight With 4G

Gogo Business Aviation

Expand your ability to conduct business in-flight with the Gogo AVANCE L5 system, now available for Gulfstream G-IV, 450, V, and 550 aircraft.

Pentastar is an Authorized Installer of Gogo Avance L5

Whether it’s video conferencing, email, audio, video, uploads, downloads, movies, news or flight progress, now you can make the most of your time and your devices.

  • Fast web surfing 
  • Gogo Vision entertainment (movies, TV)
  • Audio streaming
  • VPN access
  • Email with large attachments
  • Voice service
  • Text and talk using your own phone and number

To learn more about the expansion of Pentastar’s Gogo AVANCE L5 certification program and to schedule installation for our avionics services, call us at 248.666.8388 or click here.

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