Out With The Old...In With The New.

DU-875 upgrade now available through the STC awarded to Pentastar Aviation on the following Airframes Global Express; Cessna 550, 560 and 560XL; Cessna 750; Dassault Mystere-Falcon 900 and Falcon 900 EX and Learjet 45 series.


The DU-875 upgrade provides the ability to replace existing DU-870 displays, either individually or as a complete "suite". The upgrade offers the following:

  • Increased display reliability
  • New 24-month display warranty
  • Growth plan that takes advantage of future technologies and applications
  • Reduced cost of ownership through the LCD display being significantly lighter, providing weight reduction and fuel savings
  • Adds additional life to your aircraft

Honeywell is offering a $40,000 trade-in incentive per display unit replacement (no limit)  through 6-30-18, so there is still time to upgrade your units to the latest technology and avoid obsolescence. To schedule installation for our avionics services, call us at 248.666.8388 or click here.

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