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Part 91 Aircraft Management Services (AMS)

Pentastar Aviation’s aircraft management program provides aircraft owners with all the benefits associated with private aircraft usage without any of the regulatory and administrative headaches.  In summary, Pentastar Aviation employs, trains and supervises the crew; oversees the maintenance; pays all the bills; monitors FAA regulatory compliance; and provides overall travel support and scheduling assistance to the owner for travel anywhere in the world by FAA certified dispatchers 24/7.

Pentastar Aviation currently manages business jet aircraft including Gulfstream, Falcon, Citation, Lear and various helicopters.  As an FAA authorized Part 145 Repair Station, Pentastar is uniquely qualified to manage any type of corporate aircraft because we know them inside out.

Pentastar’s Part 91 aircraft management programs are created based on your specific needs regarding the operation of your aircraft.  We have the capability to manage your aircraft remotely, allowing you a world-wide selection of locations to serve as your base of operations.

You’ll enjoy access to the following:

  • 24/7 Flight operations support provided by experienced FAA-licensed dispatchers
  • 100% cost pass-through for parts and services
  • Deep insurance discounts and fleet rates
  • Maintenance planning and management focused on minimal downtime
  • Crew management and training