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Part 91 + Part 135 Operations

Pentastar’s Part 91 aircraft management programs are created based on your specific needs regarding the operation of your aircraft.  We have the capability to manage your aircraft remotely, allowing you a world-wide selection of locations to serve as your base of operations.

You’ll enjoy access to the following:

  • 24/7 Flight operations support provided by experienced FAA-licensed dispatchers
  • 100% cost pass-through for parts and services
  • Deep insurance discounts and fleet rates
  • Maintenance planning and management focused on minimal downtime
  • Crew management and training

Managed aircraft, at the option of the owner, can be offered for charter to outside users.  Such use is scheduled so as not to conflict with owner use and produces revenue to offset costs of operation as well as sometimes yielding tax benefits.  In addition to the oversight of your Part 91 operations, a Part 91 +135 aircraft management program allows you to maximize the value of your aircraft by adding your aircraft to the Pentastar Aviation Charter, Inc. air carrier certificate.  You’ll maintain the ability to approve each trip as our charter sales team markets your plane to prospective passengers.  Part 135 management includes:

  • A full-time, experienced sales staff working on your behalf 24/7
  • A strong marketing program focused on profit generation for your aircraft
  • Access to Pentastar Aviation’s robust network of retail and wholesale contacts
  • Inclusion in all charter special promotions