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Private Jet Management

With Pentastar Aviation’s aircraft management program, you’ll receive all the benefits of having your own in-house flight department, but without the responsibility or overhead. Our staff of more than 200 highly experienced aviation professionals is dedicated to providing complete business private jet services that incorporate the highest standards of safety, technical assistance and customer service. We have more than 45 years of experience managing all types of aircraft domestically and internationally.

Pentastar’s expertise, commitment and best-in-class private jet services set us apart from other aircraft management companies. From world-class facilities to an unequaled degree of personal attention to your needs, your trip planning and travel experiences with Pentastar Aviation will be virtually effortless. At Pentastar, there’s no detail too small, or question too trivial — our staff of trip coordinators and customer account managers are available to address your questions and concerns, 24/7.

Private Jet Management

Aircraft Management Services Include:

Flight Operations –

  • Would the plane be used by just the owner or by others as well?
    It depends if the owner chooses to manage their aircraft using Part 91 management or Part 135 management

    Part 91 management is for the owner’s use only.
    Part 135 management means the aircraft is on our air carrier certificate and may be chartered to a third party with owner approval.

Oversight/Compliance –

  • Does Pentastar take care of necessary certifications, maintenance, etc.?
    Yes. The dedicated account manager is the customer’s point of contact for all oversight and compliance details.

Service Discounts –

  • Are there any cost savings when using your other services or chartering if Pentastar is managing their plane?
    Yes. Managed customers will receive discounted charter rates when utilizing aircraft within our managed fleet.

    Additionally, managed customers receive discounted maintenance rates for all work completed at Pentastar. Management customers also benefit from Pentastar’s discounted fleet rates on items such as crew training, insurance and fuel.

Protection –

  • What kind of protection would Pentastar provide?
    Storage and other services Pentastar can coordinate hangar space on behalf of the owner. We have a secured ramp and we can coordinate insurance and other protection services.

Maintenance –

  • Are there any discounts on parts or labor if the plane is under your management?
    Yes, we offer discounts on labor to aircraft management customers.

Finance –

  • Do you bill monthly, yearly, etc.? How can I access this information?
    We bill on a monthly basis.
    Customers have access to a personalized secured web portal to review all invoices and statements.

Benefits from the Program

  • How can I earn income off of my aircraft?
    Owners who opt to place their aircraft on the Pentastar Aviation Charter, Inc. certificate (FAR Part 135) can generate revenue through third party charter.
  • Does Pentastar provide Flight Staff or can I provide my own?
    Owners may opt to have their existing crew members added to the Pentastar Aviation payroll as dedicated crew for their aircraft or Pentastar can complete the crew hiring process for new owners.
  • Is there a Possibility of chartering other aircraft if needed?
    Yes, Pentastar has a diverse fleet of aircraft available for charter as well as access to a network of approved vendors worldwide.

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  • Any there other Owner Benefits?
    Yes, we have additional benefits for our management clients. Call us today to learn more!