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Private Aircraft Management: Common Questions

We're here to help!  Here are the answers to some of the most common questions about aircraft management services:

What will having my aircraft managed by Pentastar look like?

Pentastar Aviation’s private aircraft management program provides aircraft owners with all the benefits associated with private aircraft usage without any of the regulatory and administrative headaches.  In summary, Pentastar Aviation employs, trains and supervises the crew; oversees the maintenance; pays all the bills; monitors FAA regulatory compliance; and provides overall travel support and scheduling assistance to the owner for travel anywhere in the world by FAA certified dispatchers 24/7.

What type of aircraft does Pentastar currently manage?

Pentastar Aviation currently manages business jet aircraft including Gulfstream, Falcon, Citation, Lear and various helicopters.  As an FAA authorized Part 145 Repair Station, Pentastar is uniquely qualified to manage any type of corporate aircraft because we know them inside out.

What if I don't want to base my aircraft at Pentastar's PTK headquarters?

Pentastar Aviation specializes in remote aircraft management.  It has developed an organizational support structure which allows it to manage aircraft based anywhere in the world. 

Can Pentastar charter my aircraft on my behalf?

Yes.  Managed aircraft, at the option of the owner, can be offered for charter to outside users.  Such use is scheduled so as not to conflict with owner use and produces revenue to offset costs of operation as well as sometimes yielding tax benefits.

Can I choose my flight crew?

Yes, with assistance from Pentastar.  Pentastar Aviation hires pilots and maintenance personnel with owner approval. Applicants are thoroughly screened, vetted and are specifically dedicated to an owner’s aircraft.  All pilots must hold Airline Transport Pilot Certificates, the highest FAA rating available, and First Class Medical Certificates. Maintenance personnel must hold an FAA Airframe & Powerplant Certificate.

How will my flight crew be managed and trained?

Assigned personnel are supervised by Pentastar Aviation and subject to Pentastar Aviation’s system of performance reviews, policies and procedures.  Pilots undergo ground school and simulator training every six months.  Training is conducted by Flight Safety International, the largest and finest business jet pilot training organization in the world.

How will I be billed - do you mark up services rendered?

All invoices related to the aircraft operation are approved and paid by Pentastar Aviation and then re-billed to the owner at net cost - no mark up.  Also included in this billing is the monthly portion of the annual management fee.  The aircraft owner lodges a separate operating deposit with Pentastar Aviation in order to facilitate the payment by Pentastar Aviation of the aircraft’s operating expenses.

Will I receive any discounts through Pentastar?

Yes.  Pentastar Aviation enjoys significant fleet discounts in the areas of pilot training, insurance, fuel and maintenance.  Based on our fleet purchasing power, we are able to pass along significant savings to the owner.

How will I be informed of my aircraft's activity?

Each month the owner receives a series of integrated, computerized reports that document the operational and economic activity of the aircraft for that month. Year-to-date and year-end metrics are provided for program planning, control and analysis.

What is Pentastar's stance on safety?

Every aspect of our operations at Pentastar Aviation and Pentastar Aviation Charter, Inc. revolves around a steadfast commitment to safety.  To ensure maximum safety for our customers, we are IS-BAO Registered, ARGUS Platinum Rated, Wyvern Approved and have a robust Safety Management System (SMS) and a comprehensive Emergency Response Plan (ERP).