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Come Fly with Us: Behind the Scenes Part III and Danielle's First Landing

I hope you've been enjoying the Come Fly with Us series. Our next stop is positioning the aircraft with the line service staff. As I mentioned in the last video, you'll see three wing walkers helping to safely guide the plane out onto the ramp. They've all earned their stripesorange whistles! Next, we'll join Maintenance Tecnician Jim Collum as he completes a maintenance log review and a pre-flight maintenance check on the aircraft. Finally, we'll join the pilots Jeff Schlueter and Mark Howell in the cockpit as they run through their pre-flight checks. You'll be right in the action as we take off with extra "Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah." In the second video, you see us flying over the Hudson Bay/Mediterranean Sea (listen closely) and then deplaning in White Plains. A special thank you to our pilots for a smooth landing. Best, Danielle Tanner Corporate Communication Specialist Pentastar Aviation

Next destination: "Come Fly with Us: In flight with John Scicluna" and "Everyone Loves a Snackbox" ETA: June 14, 2011

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