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Come Fly with Us: Everyone Loves a Snackbox and Meet John Scicluna

Even before our flight to White Plains, I had been reaping the benefits of Pentastar's on-site catering division, Fivestar Gourmet, every day at lunchtime.  Our talented team of chefs not only create delicious meals for passengers and crews, they also make sure Pentastar employees always look forward to lunchtime.  From gourmet small plates for static display events to almost-too-beautiful-to-eat aircraft catering, the staff at Fivestar never disappoints.  One of Fivestar's newest creations is the Snackbox, a quick, on-the-go meal option for breakfast, lunch or anytime. Since our departure was close to our usual lunch hour, I ordered Fivestar Snackboxes for all of the passengers on our flight.  I've always been a little bit wary of prepared sandwiches, but the turkey croissants in our snackboxes were fresh and delicious.  In the first video below, Customer Service Supervisor Krissy Ross displays the additional fruits, cheeses and dessert items in our lunches. After lunch, we took an impromptu survey and our data shows that it's official: everyone really does love a snackbox.  Just watch John Scicluna's rave review on the second video.  As Pentastar's director of sales, John knows a thing or two about the benefits of corporate flight.  In the video, he tells us his favorite aspects of flying the Pentastar way. For more information on ordering catering from our KPTK location, click here. Best, Danielle Tanner Corporate Communications Specialist Pentastar Aviation [caption id="attachment_127" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Maintenance & Avionics Sales Rep Matt McCassey (left) and Director of Sales John Scicluna (right) enjoy some light reading during the flight from KPTK to HPN."][/caption] Next destination: "Come Fly with Us: Best Day Ever" and "Come Fly with Us: The Blooper Reel" ETA: June 17, 2011

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