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Come Fly with Us: Scheduling

Scheduling a trip around multiple schedules can be a challenge. With our departure for White Plains, NY less than 24 hours away, I was informed that one of our passengers would need to be in White Plains earlier than planned. The passenger list was also being updated to include an additional passenger. To complicate everything, I was in a training session for the first four hours of the day. Fortunately, I work with an amazing team. With the help of our team members in flight operations, customer service and catering - and after cranking out more than 25 email messages on my trusty Blackberry - the final details of the trip are now in place. Had this been a commercial flight, we would not have been able to update our departure and arrival times on such short notice, but at Pentastar we fly around our customers' schedules so an additional passenger and a revised departure time were nothing new for our amazingly accomodating staff. Throughout the flight scheduling process, I've gained a whole new perspective from our scheduling and customer relations staff. They have made planning this trip incredibly seamless despite the numerous changes and updates I've requested.  With scheduling out of the way, I'll be documenting the rest of Pentastar's pre-flight procedures as well as our take off tomorrow.  Be sure to follow the flight updates on the Pentastar Aviation facebook page and on our twitter page (@PentastarAv). Best, Danielle Tanner Corporate Communication Specialist Pentastar Aviation

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