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Kim Groomes: A Passion for Innovation

For more than 26 years, Senior Machinist and Inventor Kim Groomes has been at the heart of product and maintenance innovation at Pentastar.  From occasional forays into the machine shop during his early years as a flight mechanic, to creating patented custom tools that have helped forge Pentastar's legendary reputation for peerless aircraft service, "good enough" has never been good enough for Kim. Inspired by ideas suggested by like-minded maintenance technicians at Pentastar, and driven by his own vision to continually improve processes, Kim continues to identify and create solutions driven by his passion for safety and efficiency.  A walk through his immaculate workshop reveals a wall of framed drawings of the tools he's patented and others that are patent pending.  Off to the side you'll find a true reflection of Kim's unique genius: the remarkable 2,500-lb diesel-powered toolbox that he created from scrapped and antique components. Making things better, safer and more efficient are, for Kim, not only his way of work but also his way of life.  By his own admission, his home is a showcase of plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems that he has meticulously improved over the years. At the end of the day, Kim's greatest satisfaction comes from making work safer and more enjoyable for his colleagues and in turn, adding value to Pentastar's aircraft maintenance customers.  If you want to better understand Pentastar's culture of innovation, we invite you to meet Kim Groomes.

[caption id="attachment_178" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Pentastar Aviation's Senior Machinist & Inventor Kim Groomes demonstrates the thrust reverser sling he designed to manipulate aircraft engines."][/caption]

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