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A Passion for Service: Meet Kellie Rittenhouse

If you're part of the business aviation community, chances are that if you don't already know Kellie Rittenhouse, you probably will soon.  A self-described "connector," Kellie takes great pride and joy in building long-term relationships on the foundation of Pentastar customer service excellence.  In her unique role at Pentastar, she serves as our communications quarterback for aircraft owners -- ensuring they stay connected to all things Pentastar by turning "P-L-A-N-E talk into P-L-A-I-N talk." In addition to her passion for customer service, Kellie also revels in the satisfaction that comes from training new Pentastar employees. She strongly believes  that the best way to lead is by example -- and for Kellie, that means finding creative ways to be able to say "yes" to our customers. A big part of delivering inspiring service comes from being able to anticipate customers' needs and wants.  Kellie has discovered that one of the best ways to do this is to ask for feedback.  Her innovative customer survey process has brought about everything from the installation of baby changing tables in the FBO restrooms to complimentary gym passes for pilots. If you'd like to learn more about the Pentastar's uncompromising approach to customer service, we invite you to meet Kellie Rittenhouse.

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