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Serenity in the Sky: Meet Denise Lee

Denise Lee loves people. In her seven years as a flight attendant at Pentastar Aviation, she has channeled that passion into making each flight she hosts into a uniquely comforting and personalized journey for her passengers. And while making corporate jet travel pleasurable is what her in-flight clients may see as her primary deliverable, Denise is quick to point out that, like her Pentastar colleagues in the air and on the ground, safety is, in fact, her absolute top priority. Through ongoing programs that include annual training at FlightSafety, and her heartfelt involvement with Pentastar's Family Assistance Care Team, Denise's commitment to excellence, preparedness and uncompromising service is evident. While all crew members are trained to expect the unexpected and respond professionally when it occurs, few will ever have their skills and sensibilities put to the test the way Denise's have been. In July 2010, Denise was a half a world away, in Russia, when she received news of a family emergency back home. The way that Denise's Pentastar colleagues responded spoke volumes to her - not only of their extraordinary compassion, but also about the caring culture of the company itself. We invite you to meet Denise Lee as she shares a story about both immense sorrow as well as her amazing resiliency and the key roles that her colleagues took on to help her in a time of great need.

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