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Customer Service Excellence: Your Satisfaction is Our Success

We look forward to upholding our tradition of aviation excellence. Our team is committed to working together to exceed the expectations of our customers. Your satisfaction is our success.” ~Edsel B. Ford II, Owner & Chairman of Pentastar Aviation

At Pentastar Aviation, delivering excellent customer service is part of our company culture – it’s who we are. Across all of our departments, our goal is to be a step ahead of our customers’ needs. Our service initiatives are always evolving, from customer service training to a robust customer survey program, in an effort to continuously improve each customers Pentastar experience.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who voted for us in the 2012 Aviation International News FBO Survey. It’s a great honor to be named this year’s #1 FBO. Our customer service representatives often serve as the face of Pentastar to our many customers. In light of this recent recognition, we asked some of our CSR’s to share what customer service means to them.

Krissy Ross

“The meaning of customer service?  A wise woman once said, ‘it’s Pentastar Aviation.’ What did she mean by this? It’s all about taking pride in yourself and your work ethic; taking that pride to work with you and creating terrific experiences with everyone that you come in to contact with. That’s the atmosphere at Pentastar.”

~Krissy Ross, Customer Service Supervisor

Caitlin McClure

“What Customer Service means to me is always going above and beyond for your customers; having a welcoming and warm attitude that keeps brining the customers back. Always being helpful, courteous and knowledgeable are also important aspects of excellent customer service.”    

~Caitlin McClure, Customer Service Representative

Jillian Tharp

“To me, ‘Customer Service’ means many things.  Customer Service means thinking one step ahead and making sure the client is impressed every time they walk in to the FBO (or call). Customer Service means customers never have to look for help, or ask twice.  To me, Customer Service is a lasting, consistent impression that you give to others, making the client feel exceptional when leaving your facility, and wanting to come back again and again.”    

~Jillian Tharp, Customer Service Representative

Jennifer Garbovits

“Customer Service means being helpful and great customer service is being ahead of the game.  In our industry, customers expect us to be ahead of their wants.”    

~Jennifer Garvovits, Customer Care Representative.

Kathy Cortez

“Customer service consists of helping others, meeting customers’ needs, being a good listener and creating a positive image for the company.”    

~Kathy Cortez, Customer Service Representative

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you, from all of us at Pentastar Aviation!

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