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See Pentastar's articulating yoke mount for the iPad® in action!

Last month, Pentastar unveiled its new articulating yoke mount for the Apple iPad®. STC approval for the patent-pending mount is expected sometime during July.  Now you can see the mount in action:

Kim Groomes, Pentastar Aviation’s Senior Inventor and Machinist and creator of the mount, is known for his multitude of inventions and patents. Learn more about his passion for innovation here.

A set of Pentastar Aviation's articulating yoke mounts for the iPad® installed in a GV cockpit.

The iPad® mount will be a Class 2 EFB installation with optional TSO’d power supplies, one of the requirements for paperless operations. The Gulfstream product line will be the first aircraft types on the Approved Model List (AML) STC for the mount, with other corporate, commercial and military aircraft types to be added to the AML STC soon. All EFB mount parts will have PMA. Availability for installation in Gulfstream aircraft is estimated to be during the third quarter, with availability for additional models beginning in the fourth quarter into 2013. This will be a great addition to Pentastar’s current list of EFB STCs such as the CMC EFB on many aircraft types.

For more information or to schedule an installation, call Rodney Shannon at 248.249.1706

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