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Limitless: We Can Take You to Every New York Times 52 Top Places to visit in 2017

The New York Times unveiled 52 fascinating destinations to travel to in 2017 that fill the imagination with wonder and endless possibilities. Pentastar Aviation private jet charters can take you to every single one of them — with a trip customized to your unique requirements and that travels on your schedule.

Whether it’s a U.S. destination like the charming hideaway ski town in Ketchum, Idaho that is home to Ernest Hemingway’s gravesite or an eco-destination like Kazakhstan, we are at your service – wherever your travel takes you. Adventurers may want to explore ancient Buddhist temples in Sikkim, India; while wine lovers can explore the newest generation of wine cellars, restaurants, and hotels in Napa Valley.

Making the top 52 this year is Pentastar Aviation’s own hometown – the Motor City! Let us show you a revitalized Detroit, a foodie’s dream! The list is anything but predictable. So, where can we take you today?

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