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Customer Service Representative Kathy Cortez Receives International Acclaim

 We are excited to announce that Pentastar Aviation Customer Service Representative, Kathy Cortez, was recognized for going “Above & Beyond” in the 2019 Aviation International News (AIN) FBO Survey

We asked Cortez, who has been an important part of our team for 17 years, to share how she excels at providing the world-class service our clients expect to receive at Pentastar.


Please give an example – big or “small” of how you anticipate our clients’ needs.

“Often it is the seemingly little things that make a true difference in a person’s day. Recently, I hand-made box lunches for a crew after hours that were on a quick turn and had not yet had time to eat. This crew had many travel legs that day and originally intended on taking our crew car for a meal, but had little time.  I chose and offered to make sure they received some nourishment to continue on their journey. They could not say “Thank You enough”!        


What’s your key to developing a great customer service team?

 1. Always listen to your customers

2.  Keep an open line of communication

3. Team work. Sharing ideas with your team produces a stronger result.  


What was an interesting recent request you helped fulfill?

A customer, who had been abroad for most of the year, was flying in via jet charter and had but one request…could we somehow get his favorite food: KFC! I told him ‘No problem! I was more than happy to accommodate!” However, I also knew the restaurant was about to close so I worked with the establishment and was able to provide our customer the meal he longed for. 

Sometimes, the way to our clients’ hearts is through their stomachs, and seamless customer service is always provided regardless of the request. Well done, Kathy!


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