Cabin Solutions

Industry-leading aircraft cabin technologies and solutions.

Designing for function and comfort

At Pentastar Aviation, we know time spent on your aircraft should be your office-in-the-sky or your home away from home. That is why our Avionics team remains focused on keeping a step ahead of the latest and most innovative cabin solutions. So you can sit back, relax and have access to anything you need right at your fingertips. Technology is all around you, that shouldn’t change while you are in the air.

Bring Clean Air to Your Aircraft Cabin!

Protect Against the COVID-19 Virus

Aviation Clean Air’s technology is proven to neutralize the COVID-19 virus* and purify surfaces in minutes.

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In partnership with Aviation Clean Air
*Test showed that up to 99.4% of the COVID-19 virus was inactivated within 30 minutes.

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Cabin Management Systems

Integrated entertainment, climate, lighting and information controls at your fingertips.

Advanced Cabin Management System (ACMS)

Get Upgraded Now… For Less!
Pentastar’s cost-effective upgrade solution will address the obsolescence issue by replacing the Area Distribution Box and associated components, utilizing Innovative Advantage AVDS Nodes.

Optional Enhancements

  • Bulkhead 19″ high-definition LCDs
  • Personal in-seat 9″ high-definition LCDs
  • Dual Blu-ray™ disc players and HDMI input panels
  • Replace Philips® Pronto Pro cabin remote control with an app for personal devices
Components of the Advanced Cabin Management System (ACMS) on Gulfstream G350/G450 and G500/G550 are obsolete and no longer supported by the OEM.

In-Flight Entertainment Systems

Entertainment available to passengers during a flight.
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Immerse Your Cabin In Acoustic Perfection at 40,000 ft.

ALTO Aviation designs, manufacturers, and distributes premium cabin audio & entertainment systems, direct replacement passenger controls & CMS/IFE upgrades for all aircraft in Business Aviation.

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Unrivaled leader in cabin audio systems.

ALTO Aviation custom audio systems are offered as an integral part of the Honeywell Ovation™ & Rockwell Collins Venue™ Cabin Management Systems. ALTO is also the preferred choice for retrofit installations for all business aircraft, small to large, throughout the world. With more than 3,000 sound systems flying the skies, ALTO remains today the unrivaled leader in high-end cabin audio & entertainment systems.

ALTO Cadence Cabin Management System

Designed in-house by ALTO engineers, Cadence CMS offers the retrofit aircraft market with a budget friendly solution in Cabin Management. Based on simplicity without compromising excellence in performance features include:

  • A true budget–friendly, fit compatible solution.
  • Preserving furnishing and veneers.
  • Direct replacement of old switches with new ALTO Cadence Switch System, using discrete logic & no software.
  • Modularity that allows flexibility of the upgrade path.
  • Re-purpose of switch panels with relocated functionality, USB chargers, and HDMI ports.
  • Compatibility with upcoming app–based technology.
  • Availability for all Corporate, Private and VVIP jets and helicopters in Business Aviation.

“Pentastar’s skilled and professional avionics, engineering, maintenance, and contracts team performed flawlessly throughout their effort. Their seamless relationship with the FAA, with their installation aircraft customer and with the cabin management system OEM was evident throughout the process.”
– Martin VanWinkle, STC Program Manager, Securaplane Technologies

Securaplane CMX-HD Camera

High definition views during all phases of flight!

Securaplane’s airborne video cameras allow for high definition views during all phases of flight. The CMX-HD camera offers multiple functions for aircraft to provide an enhanced experience for aviators and passengers, including in-flight entertainment, situational awareness, and gear position viewing.

Available for installation on the vertical fin and fuselage belly Securaplane’s CMX-HD series airborne cameras are:

  • Fully qualified and certified
  • Light weight
  • Sharp, true HD 1080p video
  • Aerodynamic in design and incorporates a damage-resistant heated sapphire glass window

Securaplane chose Pentastar’s engineering team to develop the STC for the CMX-HD camera system due to our decades of experience providing industry-leading avionics system integration design, STC development, service and maintenance. To learn more about our certification services and the STCs we hold click here.

LED Cabin Lighting

The right lighting can make all the difference. Cool to warm adjustable lighting features to create the perfect ambiance.
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aircraft cabin lighting
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aircraft cabin seating

Cobalt Wireless Charging

Wireless charging has taken flight.

Pentastar Aviation, in partnership with Cobalt Aerospace, introduces integrated wireless charging for business aircraft. Cobalt wireless charging is a solution that allows you to charge devices equipped with wireless charging capabilities while in-flight, without worrying about having the proper cord or adapter. The Cobalt wireless charging unit accepts aircraft power and provides contained wireless charging. This lightweight unit allows for the seamless integration of the charging unit into virtually any aircraft cabin, enabling an easy and convenient way to charge your devices while in-flight.

Cobalt wireless charging unit for aircraft interiors
  • Provides easy, convenient charging of devices equipped with wireless charging capabilities
  • Eliminates the need for adapters or wires
  • Allows for seamless integration with smallest in class self-contained unit
  • Accepts aircraft power for efficient transfer
  • Can be integrated into surfaces such as drink rails and tables to form ‘invisible’ wireless charging hotspots

Download Cobalt Data Sheet