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Air charter transportation services are provided by Pentastar Aviation Charter, Inc. (PACI),  a U.S. FAR Part 135 on-demand Direct Air Carrier.  

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Pentastar Aviation, LLC acts as an Indirect Air Carrier and Charter Broker for quoted air charter transportation on other U.S. FAR Part 135 on-demand Direct Air Carriers.


Explore subjects like Private Charter Services vs. Scheduled Airline Service and Charter Pricing Questions.

Private Charter Services vs. Scheduled Airline Service

What is the difference between private aircraft flights and scheduled airline service?

There are two major differences between private charter and scheduled airline service: cost and flexibility. While booking a flight via jet services companies is generally more expensive, they provide a much higher degree of flexibility. With Pentastar Aviation Charter, Inc. your charter will fly on YOUR schedule to the domestic or international destination of YOUR choice. Our service to both major and general aviation airports gives you access to more than ten times as many domestic destinations as scheduled airline service. In addition, we have international experience operating in more than 80 countries.

Is it more cost efficient to charter a jet, if I am traveling with a group of 10 or 15?

Because jet charter is not priced on a per person or ticket basis, it is not likely that it would be more cost effective for a group of 10-15 individuals to charter a jet compared with flying via scheduled airline service in coach or first class. Even if the total cost for a charter trip is split among 10 people, the cost each person would cover would still be significant.

What is Allowed on Flights?

How much luggage can I take? Are golf clubs allowed on private jets?

Like scheduled airline service, private jets also have weight limits with regard to the amount of luggage that can be stowed during a trip. Items such as skis and golf clubs are allowed as long as they conform to the dimensions and weight limits of the aircraft. These weight limits vary by aircraft type. Ask your charter sales representative if you have concerns about excess baggage or special items to be included in your luggage.

Are children & pets allowed on private jets?

At Pentastar Aviation, we focus first and foremost on passenger safety. There are no age restrictions for passengers on private jets. Just let us know if you are traveling with a child, and we’ll be sure the aircraft selected for your trip will accommodate your family’s needs. Please note, however, neither PACI nor Pentastar Aviation will transport unaccompanied minors under the age of 18. Domestic pets are allowed on some aircraft. Make sure to let your charter sales representative know if you will be traveling with a pet so we can accommodate your request. Please note that exotic animals may not be allowed, especially on international flights.

Support & Safety

What level of support can I expect prior to and during my trip?

Your dedicated charter sales representative will assist you with planning every aspect of your trip. PACI’s licensed dispatchers will provide flight following and any other necessary assistance during your flight. Our expert Operations Control Center staff is available 24/7 to provide support before, during or after your flight.

What types of aircraft are available through Pentastar Aviation Charter, Inc.?

PACI features a large and diverse fleet including mid-size and heavy jets, which can accommodate up to 18 passengers. See more about our Available Fleet.

What is Pentastar Aviation Charter, Inc.’s stance on safety?

Every aspect of our operations at PACI revolves around a steadfast commitment to safety. To ensure maximum safety for our customers, all aircraft operated by PACI are IS-BAO Registered, ARGUS Platinum Rated, Wyvern Approved and have a robust Safety Management System (SMS) and a comprehensive Emergency Response Plan (ERP). All charter flights are tracked by FAA licensed dispatchers in our 24/7 Operation Control Center. Pentastar Aviation meets the maximum industry safety standards.

Private Charter Pricing

How much does it cost to charter a jet?

Hourly charter rates vary from about $1,200 to $8,500 per flight hour, depending on the type of aircraft you require. Trip minimums are 2.0 flight hours/day.

*This does not include deadhead and repositioning costs that may apply on certain trips or the cost of fuel, taxes, landing fees, and other charges.

logoAir charter transportation services are provided by Pentastar Aviation Charter, Inc., a U.S. FAR Part 135 on-demand air carrier, or by other U.S. FAR Part 135 certificated on-demand air carriers arranged by Pentastar Aviation, LLC.