Clear, Direct ATC Communications

CPDLC/FANS-1/A+ enhances communication, navigation and surveillance equipment.

In order to safely manage the expected increases in the volume of air traffic in the coming years, Future Air Navigation System (FANS) was developed. FANS uses data link technology to allow position reporting and the ability for pilots to communicate clearly and directly with Air Traffic Control (ATC) via text messaging. 

Provides the following benefits:

  • Meets domestic NextGen DCL capabilities for departure clearance tower service and ATC Center hand-offs
  • Reduces fuel burn by allowing operation and direct routes in FANS-designated premium airspace
  • Increases safety with flight plan conformance monitoring
  • Sustains optimum altitude when crossing tracks
  • Allows reduced separation minimums
  • Provides automatic position and surveillance reporting with actual positions and intent
  • Standardizes messages to remove language barriers
  • Complies with mandates and advisory circulars
  • Enables datalink communication                     

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