Revolutionizing in-flight connectivity

At Pentastar Aviation, we believe connectivity should have no bounds. That’s why our Avionics team remains focused on the future of in-flight connectivity. Certification, engineering, installing, and servicing some of the most complex and technologically advanced solutions on the market – we are revolutionizing in-flight connectivity.

Solutions Available Include:

  • Phone
  • Wi-Fi & Hi-Speed Data
  • Satellite
    • JetWave, ViaSat, KU, KA
  • ATG (Air to Ground)
    • Gogo AVANCE L5
    • SmartSky 4G LTE
Satacom Direct aero IT certified

Pentastar’s avionics technicians hold Satcom Direct aeroIT certifications for the configuration and troubleshooting of networks and satcom systems onboard an aircraft.

Authorized GoGo Business Aviaiton installer


Connect at The Speed of Flight.

Gogo AVANCE L5 connects aircraft to the Gogo Biz 4G network enabling a 4G experience and more robust in-flight internet capabilities allowing true productivity during your travels. Whether it’s video conferencing, email, audio, video, uploads, downloads, movies, news or flight progress, now you can make the most of your time and your devices.

  • Fast web surfing
  • Gogo Vision entertainment (movies, tv)
  • Audio streaming
  • VPN access
  • Email with large attachments
  • Voice service
  • Text and talk using your own phone and number

Customers with an active classic ATG system installed on their aircraft can upgrade to AVANCE L5 and choose between: 9 months of FREE Gogo Biz 4G Pro Service or a $40,000 installation rebate.

Customers without a classic ATG system onboard their aircraft can install an AVANCE L5 and choose between: 6 months of FREE Gogo Biz 4G Pro Service or a $25,000 installation rebate.

Honeywell Authorized Dealer

Honeywell JetWave Satellite Communication

Global Connectivity is Here.

Honeywell’s JetWave Satellite Communications terminals provide in-flight Ka-band global broadband services. Operating on the Inmarasat Global Express network, the Jetwave system provides seamless, broadband-class data connectivity around the world. Optimized for mobility, experience the same connectivity you would at home or at the office anywhere around the world!

MCS-8000 SatCom Solution:

  • Has been STC’d on over 45 platforms
  • Provides the fastest available connection speeds
  • Delivers service plans to fit any capacity and budget
  • Guarantees data rate speeds by service provider
  • Enables reliable, consistent, seamless, high-speed Wi-Fi worldwide
Authorized GoGo Business Aviaiton installer

The Viasat Difference

Connect at The Speed of Flight.

Viasat has the world’s highest capacity satellite network and is the only in-flight entertainment and connectivity provider building an ultra-high capacity network.

How it works: The service uses Viasat and partner high-capacity Ka band satellites to transmit data to and from the aircraft. Passengers connect their devices to the aircraft network similar to Wi-Fi connections on the ground making it a simple and continuous experience.

Data is transmitted between the plane and the ground station through the satellite. As the plane moves through the air, the system automatically performs hand overs between coverage areas.

Viasat Ka-band solution offers:

  • Faster speeds: Do more with no speed limits. Typical inflight internet speeds reach greater than 20 Mbps. Stream, conference, and browse better and faster during all phases of flight.
  • Forward-compatible: Protect your investment. Viasat’s Ka-band equipment will work with our enhanced satellite technology of tomorrow allowing you to accommodate the increased demand for speed, capacity and performance.
  • Unrivaled capacity: Take advantage of global bandwidth and speed powered by the world’s highest capacity satellite network. Current and future capacity is the engine powering Viasat’s Ka network.
  • With Viasat Select Ka-band direct service you’ll get out-of-this-world speeds at down-to-earth pricing. Plus, you’ll enjoy 24x7x365 end-to-end support all from one provider. Viasat continues to additionally offer the Viasat Select Ka-Band service through their Value Added Reseller partners ARINCDirect, Honeywell Forge and Satcom Direct.
  • First of the ViaSat-3 satellites is scheduled for launch in H1 2022.
Smart Sky Networks

SmartSky 4G LTE

Catch the beam with 4G LTE

SmartSky 4G LTE delivers increased speed, connectivity and reliability for in-flight Wi-Fi and true office-in-the-sky performance.

SmartSky’s patented beamforming technology uses an industry leading 60Mhz of spectrum. The signal delivers 20x the current industry standard and locks onto each aircraft in the network, allowing passengers to stream, chat, text, call, game, and video conference seamlessly. This connectivity solution promises tremendous value – today and later at the point of aircraft resale.