COVID-19 Update

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Pentastar Aviation Charter and Pentastar Aviation, LLC. COVID-19 Safety Precautions and Updates to ensure the safety of our clients and employees

At Pentastar Aviation, our paramount priority will always be to protect people and ensure we are ready, responsive and able to take action quickly. During this COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, the team at Pentastar remains committed to helping you with whatever aviation needs you may have, while supporting the efforts to mitigate the effects of this virus. As we continue to actively monitor the situation, we wanted to share with you the additional COVID-19 safety precautions we’re taking to protect the health and safety for our employees, customers and visitors to our campus.

In our Executive Terminal and Campus

Pentastar is ensuring the safety and health of its employees, customers, and visitors alike by providing a sanitized environment throughout all of its facilities. Additional disinfection procedures have been implemented in each area of the facility for commonly used surfaces and high traffic areas using approved EPA products.

  • To comply with the State of Michigan and Oakland County mandates, anyone entering the facility is required to wear a face covering. In addition, all employees are required to provide a temperature reading and all employees and vendor/contractors entering the facility are provided a questionnaire to prevent entry for those who are exhibiting signs of COVID-19 or have potentially been exposed to the virus.
  • Non-essential employees are working from home to limit the amount of people in our facilities.
  • Without causing disruption to the business, we are limiting the amount of staff on site per shift and we are practicing social distancing.
  • We have educated employees for the signs/symptoms of COVID-19 and have given them authority to deny access to anyone exhibiting these symptoms.
  • We are wiping down all personal contact surfaces within the FBO common areas on three scheduled occasions and as needed after passengers/crew have departed the FBO.
  • We have eliminated eating within all common areas to discourage guests from gathering in close quarters.
  • We are following the latest CDC, TSA, and FAA protocols for all operations.

On our Aircraft

All Pentastar aircraft will undergo enhanced disinfection as directed by the CDC before/after each flight with approved EPA products. The below surfaces are areas of focus with regard to disinfection:

  • All hard surfaces in the cockpit, galleys, cabin and lavatories
  • Exterior surfaces like air stair rails, cabin entry doors and latches
  • Seats, including seat handles armrests and tray tables
  • Windows, video monitors and remotes

Passenger Interactions

  • Once onboard the aircraft and during flight, outside of an emergent event in the cabin, passengers should not approach the flight deck.
  • Passenger/crew luggage will be handled by line technicians equipped with disposable gloves.
  • Visitors who are picking up or dropping off passengers are asked to remain in their vehicle to limit the amount of people within the executive terminal.

Solutions Available for your Aircraft

Aviation Clean Air’s Needlepoint Bi-polar Ionization technology is a solution that is proven to neutralize the COVID-19 virus* and purify surfaces in minutes. It also works to remove odors, dust, and pollen and neutralizes gases and eliminates airborne particulate from the breathing zone while sterilizing molds.

This patented technology electronically creates positive (H+) and negative (OH-) ions from hydrogen and oxygen molecules in the water vapor present in the air.  It works by:

  1. Agglomeration – Oppositely charged small ions combine to form larger heavier particles that drop to the floor out of the breathing zone.
  2. Sterilization – Ions neutralize the virus by a natural chain reaction reducing these compounds to harmless elements.
  3. Oxidation – Ions surround odor causing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) breaking down their Hydro Carbon chain and reducing these compounds to measurable CO2 in water.

Pentastar can install the Aviation Clean Air unit into an existing environmental control system to provide continuous protection from pathogens as it runs during all ground and flight operations. For more information on this technology please see this video or to schedule your install click here.

*Tests showed that up to 99.4% of the COVIID-19 virus was inactivated within 30 minutes.

As our community, our nation, and our world collectively continue to navigate through these unprecedented and uncertain times, the team at Pentastar remains committed to helping you get where you need to be, whenever you need to be there. We will continue to set the standard for aviation and customer support excellence as we have since 1964.

From our family to yours, please stay safe and healthy.