Engineering Solutions

Skilled engineering team constantly called upon for their industry-leading capabilities.

Making the impossible…possible.

At Pentastar Aviation, we believe that if you can dream it – we should make it happen. Home to a skilled engineering team we are constantly called upon for our industry-leading capabilities. If there is something you need for your aircraft that makes things easier, better, more convenient, or just adds a personal touch we have the engineering expertise to find the right solution.

Our engineers will work diligently to create a design that is not only innovative, but also cost-effective and easy to maintain, as they are also well versed in the research, design, certification, installation, and airworthiness compliance that goes along with making modifications to an aircraft.

Solutions Available Include:

FAA Certification Services

Pentastar’s design team has extensive knowledge and experience regarding the certification of maintenance and avionics systems for U.S. and other civil aviation authorities, as well as numerous Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) internationally and domestically. Because of this unique level of expertise, we are often called upon by OEM’s, design companies, and other vendors for special consultations on Parts Manufacturing Authority (PMA) assistance and the development of STCs.

Services offered:

  • Parts Manufacturing Authority (PMA) assistance
  • Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) – Including STC Validations
  • Flight Test Analyst
  • Onsite Electrical Systems & Equipment FAA DER (Designated Engineering Representative)
  • Flight Manual Supplements
  • Instructions for Continued Airworthiness
FAA and EASA Logos
ANAC and CAAC Logos

Design Capabilities

The avionics systems designers at Pentastar are on the cutting edge, with experience tailoring solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of our customers, while offering ease of maintenance and compliance with all applicable regulations.

System design services offered:

  • Wiring diagrams
  • Avionics system integration
  • Electronic load analysis
  • Engineering orders
  • Design support

Structural design services offered:

  • Antenna placement/installation
  • Damage tolerance analysis
  • Randome integration
  • Instrument panel fabrication
  • Equipment rack/shelf design