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Pentastar Aviation MRO Loyalty Program Customer Details

Who is eligible to participate?  The program is open to all Pentastar Aviation MRO current and future retail customers. Managed customers are excluded.

How does participation occur? Enrollment will be automatic upon completion of first MRO workscope, and rewards will be credited to the account at the completion of each additional workscope.  Please note refunded or canceled workscopes will not be eligible to earn rewards.

Who receives the award from the accumulated points? The individual authorized to sign the quote will be made aware of our reward program through our terms & conditions. If not otherwise specified, the award points for all accumulated maintenance spend will be awarded to the primary point of contact. The primary point of contact is responsible for verifying with their company if they are subject to any restrictions regarding participating in the program, prior to award disbursement.

How are rewards earned? Rewards are earned based on .1% of the total closed MRO workscope:

  • For $50,000 spend /$50 in rewards
  • For $100,000 spend / $100 in rewards
  • For $1,000,000 spend / $1000 in rewards

Is there a minimum amount of spend to participate? Yes, the annual minimum spend must be $50,000 in MRO work to be considered part of the loyalty program and to earn rewards.

What if I leave the company in which I have been accumulating points, will my points transfer with me to a new company? No, the reward points stay with the company to which they were awarded, not the primary contact.

What if the aircraft I am accumulating points on is sold, do the reward points stay with the aircraft? No, the reward points remain with the company, regardless if the aircraft is sold.

What happens after the initial year of the loyalty rewards program? Those who participated in the program year one will start off year two with $200 in rewards already in their account and will accrue .2%  of the total MRO workscope and remain .2% for as long as they remain a loyal customer*.

*A loyal customer is defined as a one that has come back to Pentastar within 36 months and has documented workscope spend.  If there is no documented workscope spend and the customer comes back after the 36 month period they would revert to new customer status.

Redemption Process:

When will my reward be received? Rewards will be distributed by your Pentastar Aviation sales contact after year-end, on or around January 30 of the following year.

Rewards will be given in the form of a SuperCertificate® which can be redeemed online at for individudal gift cards from hundreds of stores, restaurants, and more.

Click here for a PDF of the complete Terms and Conditions of the MRO Loyalty Program.

Supercertificate is a registered trademark of and is not a sponsor or affiliated with this program.

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