Part 135 Charter Management

The Pentastar Aviation Charter, Inc. (PACI) Part 135 Charter Management Program is the perfect option for maximizing the value of your aircraft. Utilizing the expertise and support of the sales and marketing team, your aircraft – when, not in use by you - can be offered to applicable customers for charter. Adding your aircraft to PACI’s charter certificate will allow you to generate revenue to offset the costs of operation as well as sometimes yielding tax benefits. You will always have the final approval on whether or not you want to make your aircraft available to PACI for any flight.

The Charter Management Program includes:

  • Full-time staff of experienced charter sales representatives working on your behalf 24/7
  • Robust marketing programs focused on revenue generation for your aircraft
  • Access to Pentastar Aviation’s extensive network of retail and wholesale contacts
  • Inclusion in charter special promotions
  • Assistance with maintenance and crew management