Private Jet Safety

Pentastar Aviation Charter, Inc. (PACI) has a steadfast commitment to safety and every aspect of flight operations revolves around it. Consistently exceeding established industry standards, PACI ensures your aviation experience is safe and secure. With decades of experience meeting rigorous private jet safety standards PACI continuously evaluates the industry-leading safety programs it has in place.

Industry-Leading Private Jet Safety Initiatives

  • Safety Management System (SMS) is a quality management approach to controlling flight-related risks by providing accessible tools for monitoring safety-related processes. Pentastar Aviation’s own Safety Management System incorporates operational risk profiling with internal evaluation and quality assurance concepts, resulting in more structured management and continuous improvement in contingency operations.

  • Wyvern WingmanInternational Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) is a code of best practices based on the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) International Standards and Recommended Practices. It is designed to help business aviation operational departments worldwide achieve a high level of safety and professionalism. Pentastar Aviation as well as Pentastar Aviation Charter, Inc. are both registered as Stage 2 IS-BAO operators.

  • Argus Platinum LogoPACI holds an ARG/US Platinum Rating - The highest safety accreditation available, awarded only to those experienced operators who meet the criteria for the ARG/US Gold Rating and successfully pass a biennial ARG/US on-site safety audit. This on-site safety audit, administered by an independent unbiased third party, requires authentication of a well-developed Safety Management System, a clear and workable Emergency Response Plan, effective policies and procedures and documented records for all major aspects of operations and maintenance within a flight department or charter company. 

  • Pentastar Aviation has a well-documented Emergency Response Plan in place, should an emergency situation occur. We care about our employees and clients and regularly review our protocols and procedures, and conduct practice drills to test our preparedness. Our priority will always be first and foremost to protect people and ensure we are ready, responsive, and able to spring into action quickly.

    Safety, quality, and customer care cannot be measured simply by looking at websites or marketing materials. The highest performing aviation companies display a common set of day to day service behaviors, and invest in exceptional services to complement their robust safety culture.  I have seen these exemplary qualities at Pentastar firsthand. Where most aviation companies just have a plan for contingencies, Pentastar has a comprehensive Program, ready around the clock to address any magnitude of service disruption, anywhere in the world. Our partnership spans over ten years, and Pentastar continually sets the example for the business aviation industry. They invest significant resources and time testing, monitoring, and improving their processes, all to ensure a safe and comfortable travel experience for their customers. We are proud to be their emergency services partner, and know they are well prepared to handle any unforeseen circumstance. If they ever need us, we will be right by their side to support them.– Don Chupp, President and CEO, Fireside Partners Inc.


  • Pentastar Aviation is a member of the Air Charter Safety Foundation.  The organization's mission is to lead and support the advancement of the highest standards available to allow the business, charter and fractional ownership industry to offer the safest air transportation products in the world and to provide objective information about these standards and services to the public. Their vision is to promote and enable to highest levels of safety in personal and business aviation by promotion and facilitation of risk management programs, advocacy and support for the industry adoption of a common audit standard, dissemination of safety information, and creation of additional programs that advance the goals of the foundation. 

logoAir charter transportation services are provided by Pentastar Aviation Charter, Inc., a U.S. FAR Part 135 on-demand air carrier, or by other U.S. FAR Part 135 certificated on-demand air carriers arranged by Pentastar Aviation, LLC.