Rockwell Collins Corporate Aircraft Service Program

Pentastar Aviation knows keeping your aircraft running at peak performance with minimal downtime is a top priority. We are pleased to offer Rockwell Collins Corporate Aircraft Service Program (CASP). CASP is a premier maintenance and cost management program that assures maximum aircraft dispatch ability, minimum downtime and reduced life-cycle costs. 

Rockwell Collins Aircraft Service Program (CASPSM)

Three flexible options deliver superior customer support, budget predictability and consistent aircraft availability

Come join over 2,400 customers already enjoying the benefits of our CASP Program, which guarantees aircraft operational availability while eliminating financial risk.

With a 90 percent renewal rate, our CASP solutions are tailored to meet your unique requirements. CASP provides three different solutions to accomodate a variety of aircraft sizes and types, as well as your preferred features. Each provides superior support, so your passengers will not have to miss any of life's big events. 

Choose the solution that's right for you. 

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