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HD CMX Camera

Securaplane's airborne video cameras allow for high definition views during all phases of flight. The CMX-HD camera offers multiple functions for aircraft to provide an enhanced experience for aviators and passengers, including in-flight entertainment, situational awareness, and gear position viewing. 

Available for installation on the vertical fin and fuselage belly Securaplane's CMX-HD series airborne cameras are: 

  • Fully qualified and certified 
  • Light weight
  • Sharp, true HD 1080p video
  • Aerodynamic in design and incorporates a damage-resistant heated sapphire glass window
CMX-HD Vertical Fin Installation CMX-HD Fuselage Underside  CMX-HD Camera
CMX-HD Camera CMX-HD Camera CMX-HD Camera

To learn more about Securaplane's CMX-HD camera system and to schedule installation through Pentastar Aviation’s avionics services, call us at 248.866.8982 or click here

Download Securaplane CMX-HD Sell Sheet

Securaplane Sell Sheet

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Securaplane chose Pentastar’s engineering team to develop the STC for the CMX-HD camera system due to our decades of experience providing industry-leading avionics system integration design, STC development, service and maintenance. To learn more about our certification services and the STCs we hold click here.


Pentastar’s skilled and professional avionics, engineering, maintenance, and contracts team performed flawlessly throughout their effort. Their seamless relationship with the FAA, with their installation aircraft customer and with the cabin management system OEM was evident throughout the process.”

Martin VanWinkle, STC Program Manager Securaplane Technologies