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Michigan ranks high as U.S. summer hotspot

Travel to Michigan is popular for many reasons - here are our top reasons to choose Michigan as a summer destination.

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Travel with Comfort and Convenience to the Royal Wedding

Avoid the crowds and arrive in time for the nuptials.

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Mackinac Policy Conference 2018: The Fastest Way to Get There

Utilizing Pentastar for the Mackinac Policy Conference will allow travelers to save time, eliminate the hassle and get there direct in under an hour by flying directly to the Mackinac Island Airport. Travelers will arrive to no lines, no crowds and be ready for the conference.

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Elevated In-Flight Dining Is Part of the Experience for Pentastar Travelers at our Award-Winning Executive Terminal

Airplane food generally leaves something to be desired. However, with growing concern of ingredients used, special dietary restrictions, and proper storage and packaging, travelers are becoming, rightfully, more discerning. At Pentastar Aviation, our Fivestar Gourmet® catering puts passenger concerns at ease with an elevated dining experience that pleases the palate as well as the eye.

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Top Locations For Destination Weddings 2018

As couples plan to exchange vows, destination weddings create unique and intimate experiences and break the mold of “typical weddings.” Those looking to travel with their bridal party for a destination celebration may want to consider these fabulous locations for weddings.

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