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Elevated In-Flight Dining Is Part of the Experience for Pentastar Travelers at our Award-Winning Executive Terminal

Airplane food generally leaves something to be desired. However, with growing concern of ingredients used, special dietary restrictions, and proper storage and packaging, travelers are becoming, rightfully, more discerning.

At Pentastar Aviation, our Fivestar Gourmet® catering puts passenger concerns at ease with an elevated dining experience that pleases the palate as well as the eye. Our full-service executive kitchen facility offers a diverse menu for any size aircraft, offering an extensive selection for nearly every taste and occasion. Fivestar Gourmet also has the unique feature of being owned by an aircraft operator, which provides the benefit of added knowledge of flight crews and food safety to ensure proper preparation and packaging for the highest quality. 

With Fivestar Gourmet catering, you can treat yourself to an enjoyable menu that would not be out of place at a top of the line restaurant, from a smoked salmon breakfast to filet mignon dinner. A special Fivestar menu, catering to large-cabin aircraft, offers a range of options to order selections suited for sharing. Options include appetizers such as jumbo shrimp cocktail, coconut shrimp, sushi, and casual seven-layer Mexican dip all the way to full entrees of lasagna, roasted lobster tail, seafood cacciatore, beef bourguignonne, homestyle pot roast, or cabbage and root vegetables, plus many more. In addition, your dessert can be anything from a traditional ice cream sundae to rich brownies or sweet potato pie!

Enjoy the video below to see Fivestar Gourmet Executive Chef Jen McKenna, featured on Fox 2 Detroit, demonstrating how to make one of her tantalizing recipes:

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