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Mackinac Policy Conference 2018: The Fastest Way to Get There

Michigan’s top leaders will once again converge on Mackinac Island for the 2018 Detroit Regional Chamber Mackinac Policy Conference May 29 through June 1.

Headliners for the annual conference include Peggy Noonan, syndicated columnist for the Wall Street Journal, and keynote speaker Paula Kerger, CEO of Public Broadcasting Service (PBS).

The timelessness and quaintness of the island serve as the perfect location for business and governmental leaders to focus as they exchange ideas to elevate Michigan and the city of Detroit. However, with these characteristics of the island also comes the question of how to get there.  The last thing you want to worry about is traffic, looking for parking to catch a ferry, and of course, the busy ferry and taxi lines once you arrive on the island.

Convenient Travel to Mackinac Island

Pentastar Aviation makes it so visitors can travel seamlessly, as private jet charter provides the ability to fly into smaller airports commercial aircraft are unable to reach. Utilizing Pentastar for the Mackinac Policy Conference will allow travelers to save time, eliminate the hassle and get there direct in under an hour by flying directly to the Mackinac Island Airport.  Travelers will arrive to no lines, no crowds and be ready for the conference.

Request a quote today to see how Pentastar Aviation can get you there, without interruption to your busy day.

What Else to Expect at the Conference

In addition to the keynote speakers, the 2018 Mackinac Policy Conference features a full schedule of panels with high-profile speakers from Michigan’s business community and government officials. These panels focus on the conference pillars and offer a great look at the steps leaders are taking to give Michigan a brighter future. These pillars also serve as building blocks for another Mackinac Policy Conference staple, the To-do List. Each year, attendees leave with a series of goals laid out during the conference to act on the information presented. These action items provide Michigan business and civic leaders with a blueprint for a successful future for the state.

Convenience Wherever Else Your Business Travel Takes You

As seamlessly as Pentastar was able to get travelers to the Mackinac Policy Conference, they will arrive back at an airport close to their home, having avoided all traffic and ready to get started on their conference To-do List. 

Business leaders know the importance of productivity during travel time. Lost hours from long trips in a car or commercial flights without access to the tools you need takes time away from work that needs to get done.

Using charter flight services for business travel is a smart move that will increase your chances of finishing the ambitious To-do List from the Mackinac Policy Conference. According to numbers from the National Business Aviation Association and General Aviation Manufacturers Association, S&P 500 companies using business aviation services outperformed their peers that didn’t by 70 percent.

This type of increased performance also helps you relax when you need it most – once you’ve made it home from the Mackinac Policy Conference or any other business trip you have. Travel seamlessly and work productively by using Pentastar Aviation for your business aviation needs.



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