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Michigan ranks high as U.S. summer hotspot

Michigan Summer Destination

We love the news on Great Lakes Echo that tourism is on the rise in our beautiful home state of Michigan.

In fact, according to a recent report by the Outdoor Industry Association, tourism is one of the Mitten State’s leading industries. It is no wonder that in 2017, visitors spent $2.1 billion during the 5.6 million trips originating from outside the state.

Travel to Michigan is popular for many reasons - here are our top five to choose Michigan as a summer destination.

  1. The golf courses. Michigan’s golf courses are among the most beautiful in the world, with some offering the ability to putt alongside one of the Great Lakes. We love the stunning cliffs that overlook Lake Michigan at Arcadia Bluffs. However, if you prefer more of a championship course, Oakland Hills Country Club (South) in Bloomfield Hills (just 13 Miles from Pentastar Aviation’s headquarters) plays a significant role in the history of golf in the United States.
  2. The number one tourist destination in the country, according to recent TripAdvisor news, is Mackinac Island here in Michigan. However, known for timelessness and quaintness, you can only reach the island by ferry or aircraft that can fly into smaller airports that commercial aircraft cannot reach. We can fly you there, creating a stress-free journey away from the crowded ferry lines while allowing you to enjoy the spectacular view from the sky.
  3. You are never more than 6 miles away from a body of water in Michigan or 85 miles from a Great Lake. Whether you prefer to canoe, surf, kayak, ski, boat, or swim, the options are endless. We have 11,000 inland lakes, and our public harbors are only 15 miles apart.
  4. Detroit’s architecture. The New York Times has boasted about our city’s Albert Kahn beauties and Detroit’s incredible restaurants. Just two years ago, Detroit was named one of the nation’s hottest food cities, according to Zagat. The number of celebrity chef restaurants in Detroit is impossible to count.
  5. The serene Upper Peninsula. Incomparable beauty where you will find waterfalls, lighthouses, lakes, and scenic walking and bike trails. Whether you are looking for adventure, looking to relax, or escape to an award-winning spa, northern Michigan offers it all.

Avoid the hassle of long lines during traveling, and enjoy your free time the moment you arrive. Request a charter from Pentastar Aviation for wherever your travels take you.

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