Top Locations For Destination Weddings

Pentastar Destination Weddings 2018

Wedding planning season is in full force as couples plan to exchange vows in the popular seasons of spring, summer, and autumn. Destination weddings create unique and intimate experiences and break the mold of “typical weddings.” Those looking to travel with their bridal party for a destination celebration may want to consider the following fabulous locations.


The 50th state is a popular location for destination weddings, and for good reason. Offering stunning views, there are endless perfect spots on the islands for couples to say, “I do.” From the Big Island to Maui, there is no shortage of locations to choose from for a sunset wedding on the beach. As a bonus, after the wedding, the bride and groom can depart to the more remote island of Lanai for their honeymoon, while the bridal party can fly over to Oahu for a livelier excursion.

The Turks and Caicos Islands

The larger Caicos and smaller Turks islands in the northern West Indies is a stunning Caribbean wedding destination. The luxury hotels, perfect beaches and clear turquoise waters of the Atlantic Ocean, provide a picturesque background for destination weddings. Turks and Caicos have an abundance of entertainment options for a whole wedding party to enjoy leading up to the big day – starting with the islands’ cherished eco-tourism to view sea turtles. Couples looking to Turks and Caicos for their destination wedding should take a look at the official tourism website of the islands to plan their ceremony.


Beyond “the City of Love,” there’s a bounty of dream-come-true churches and outdoor locations to get married in France. With legendary vineyards and spectacular mountain views, the country also remains one of the most romantic honeymoon locations on Earth.

Paris may be the most well-known cities for destination weddings and is never cliché, but the rest of France also offers loving splendor – and a bit of quiet – for your ceremony. From the mountain region of Auvergne to the Sancerre region in the north-central part of the country, there is an abundance of spots for couples to choose from, each seemingly more perfect than the last.

How to get to your destination

Travel to and from destination weddings can add stress for couples and bridal parties during what should be a time of celebration. However, private jet charter completely removes the burden and makes for a worry-free travel experience.

Additionally, private jet charter offers a more intimate way to travel to your destination wedding.

Your private jet charter with your entire bridal party will fly on your schedule to the domestic or international destination of your choice.

Whatever destination wedding location you choose, Pentastar Aviation can take you there. Get your private jet charter quote today as part of the wedding planning process and travel seamlessly into your new life together.