Wireless Charging Has Taken Flight

Cobalt wireless charging is a solution that allows you to charge devices equipped with wireless charging capabilities while in-flight, without worrying about having the proper cord or adapter. The Cobalt wireless charging unit accepts aircraft power and provides contained wireless charging. This lightweight unit allows for the seamless integration of the charging unit into virtually any aircraft cabin, enabling an easy and convenient way to charge your devices while in-flight.

  • Provides easy, convenient charging of devices equipped with wireless charging capabilities
  • Eliminates the need for adaptors or wires
  • Allows for seamless integration with smallest in class self-contained unit
  • Accepts aircraft power for efficient transfer
  • Can be integrated into surfaces such as drink rails and tables to form 'invisible' wireless charging hotspots

To maximize your downtime! If your aircraft is due for an inspection or other scheduled maintenance, installation of Cobalt charging units can be completed simultaneously, ensuring your aircraft is equipped with the most innovative technology for optimal in-flight connectivity. To learn more about Pentastar’s avionics services, call us at 248.866.8982 or click here.

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