Current Job Openings

Catering Assistant (Full and Part Time)

Responsible for the preparation and packaging of orders while demonstrating consistent customer service skills.

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Flight Follower

The Flight Follower has responsibility for maintaining operational control and support of all Pentastar Aviation aircraft under all regulations a particular customer operates under including, FAR 91, FAR 121, FAR 135, and FAR 125. This position serves as a central point of contact for all aircraft movement. Duties include flight tracking, weather briefing, flight planning, weight and balance computations, and other day-to-day operations and trip planning knowledge.

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A & P Mechanic - Helicopter Kankakee, Illinois

An A and P Mechanic is expected to provide the highest quality comprehensive aircraft maintenance services in accordance with applicable FAA regulation and OEM recommendations on a cost effective basis, resulting in exceptional customer satisfaction levels, maximum aircraft availability and asset value retention.

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