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Private Jet Catering & Concierge

Private Jet CateringWe are proud to be in the forefront of the aviation catering industry — our on-site gourmet chefs take in-flight dining to new heights with cuisine that pleases the palate as well as the eye. Fivestar Gourmet operates a full-service executive kitchen facility at Oakland County International Airport (PTK) to meet all your private jet catering needs.

Fivestar Gourmet caters to more than just your culinary needs, however. Our customer care/concierge team works in tandem with our talented kitchen staff to offer an extensive selection of wine for nearly every taste and occasion.

Fivestar Gourmet also provides full-service catering for any size aircraft, including the ability to accommodate large-cabin aircraft designed especially for our sports and entertainment clientele. On the ground, we offer event catering for holidays and special events, aircraft static display catering for any size group, and catering for on- and off-site executive meetings. Our on-site executive conference rooms, with advanced audio/visual capabilities, can hold parties of up to 50 people.

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Our on-ramp WiFi capabilities at PTK meet all of the new aircraft requirements, including those for the Gulfstream G650 and G280.