Cockpit Solutions

Unmatched cockpit technology and engineering.

Guiding with Accuracy & Safety

At Pentastar Aviation, we deliver unmatched cockpit technology and engineering to provide solutions with focused guidance, unsurpassed accuracy and dependable safety. We maintain, service, upgrade and install some of the most complex and technologically advanced equipment on the market and have capabilities on all size aircraft.

Solutions Available Include:

  • Navigation / Communication – Honeywell DU-875 upgrade
  • Weather radar
  • Electrical accessories/inverters
  • 91.411 and 91.413/RVSM recertification
  • TCAS 7.1
Honeywell Authorized Dealer

Honeywell DU-875

Upgrade to the Future!

Honeywell’s DU-875 LCD display fits your existing system and eliminates modifications to the cockpit, which reduces downtime, additional pilot training, and failures of the now obsolete CRT DU-870.

The upgrade offers the following:

  • Reduced cost of ownership with lighter LCD displays, translating to significant fuel savings
  • Increased display reliability
  • 12-month warranty
  • Growth plan that takes advantage of future technologies and applications


ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast) Out is an FAA mandate that enhances safety and efficiency, by moving from ground radar and navigational aids to precise tracking using satellite signals.

The benefits include:

  • Greater ground coverage
  • More direct flying from Point A to B, saving time and money and reducing fuel burn and emissions
  • Improved accuracy, integrity and reliability to safely reduce the minimum separation distance between aircraft and increase capacity in the sky