FBO Services

Beyond A Fixed Base Operation (FBO)


The award-winning Pentastar Aviation FBO in Waterford, Michigan goes beyond the definition of a standard FBO. The Pentastar Aviation facility is more commonly referred to as an ‘Executive Terminal Operation’(ETO) - thoughtfully designed to provide you with the most refined and relaxing accommodations including:

  • Luxurious pilot and passenger lounges
  • Executive conference facilities
  • Flight planning services
  • Complimentary snacks, beverages, and Wi-Fi
  • Heated hangars
  • Secure ramp access
  • Industry-leading Fivestar Gourmet® catering                                                                                              
  • DCA Approved Gateway
  • Attentive concierge service
  • Dedicated aircraft detail staff and services

...and much more.

From the comfort of the ETO, to the convenience and personalization of the concierge services, every person who passes through the doors of Pentastar Aviation is treated like a VIP and can be assured of the utmost discretion, security, and safety. In fact, every aspect of the Pentastar Aviation culture revolves around a steadfast commitment to safety. A robust Safety Management System (SMS) details the strict policies and training procedures for all Pentastar Aviation personnel. Also, all line service technicians receive thorough training and certification through the National Air Transportation Association’s (NATA) stringent Safety First Professional Line Service Training program.

Pentastar Aviation’s ETO also includes the well-appointed Stargate Terminal, an additional 11,500-square-foot, two-story passenger terminal facility featuring a commercial jet bridge to accommodate larger aircraft, high passenger counts, professional sports teams and international groups. The facility also features a comfortable depature lounge with complimentary refreshments, workstations and a convenient carousel that allows baggage to be retrieved within minutes of arrival.

Handling Fees

To provide maximum value, Pentastar Aviation also has several service options that allow the waiver of handling fees.

Aircraft TypeMinimum UpliftHandling Fee
Single Engine 25 Gallons $30
Twin Engine 50 Gallons $75
Light Jet 100 Gallons $150
Light—Midsize Turboprop 100 Gallons $150
Midsize—Heavy Jet 200 Gallons $300
Large Turboprop 200 Gallons $300
Super Heavy Jet 400 Gallons $600

wi-fiEnjoy complimentary WiFi throughout our facility and on the ramp.    

  • At Pentastar Aviation, you will experience the convenience of pulling your vehicle up beneath a protective entrance canopy- as a curbside attendant assists you with passenger departure and baggage handling.

  • Curbside or ramp side, the courteous valet will safely attend to your vehicle and move it nearby to a secure parking spot in a convenient, well-lit parking lot. Vehicle wash and detailing is also available upon request.

  • Available 24/7, Pentastar Aviation’s concierge staff is ready to help you with transportation and lodging, event tickets, food and beverage, entertainment or any other assistance you may need. The attentive concierge can also help with restocking your cabin with an extensive selection of flight supplies; they can also procure any special items you may need.

  • Pentastar Aviation utilizes only the most advanced and strictly maintained support equipment in the industry featuring tugs/towbars, lavatory/water carts, and de-icing gear as well as special support equipment you would find in large commercial airports like an Airstart unit, a heating/air conditioning unit, belt loaders and baggage carts.

  • Pentastar Aviation carries top-quality AVFuel® branded Jet-A fuel (with Prist/FSII fuel system icing inhibitor injected upon request) as well as 100LL fuel. The fuel trucks, pumping equipment, fuel inventory, and storage facilities are carefully maintained and regularly inspected to comply with the latest, most stringent Air Transport Association (ATA) Spec 103 safe fuel storage and distribution standards for airports.

  • Pentastar Aviation offers both daily and monthly storage rental in beautifully maintained hangar facilities with 24/7-recorded surveillance. With more than 130,000 square feet of heated hangar space, the facilities accommodate anything up to BBJ/ACJ aircraft and bring them out of the weather.

  • With unmatched attention to detail, the experienced detailing team can rejuvenate aircraft of any type or size, and ensure it is in pristine condition.

    Available aircraft detailing services include:

    • Interior cleaning
    • Lavatory/water service
    • Exterior dry wash, wax, and Brightworks polishing
    • Carpet cleaning
    • Shinemaster boot treatment
    • Landing gear
  • Due to the proximity of the airport to the central business district of Washington D.C., the Transportation and Security Administration (TSA) has special requirements for non-commercial flights to this airport. Pentastar Aviation is an authorized gateway FBO for access into Ronald Regan Washington National Airport (DCA), which means you can enjoy the convenience and ease of flying directly into DCA.

  • Pentastar Aviation has extensive knowledge and experience handling both inbound and outbound international flights. Acting as a liaison and working closely with the international handling companies and local authorities to ensure best practices. Pentastar Aviation also includes direct billing arrangements to limit payment concerns for internationally operated aircraft. For inbound international flights to Oakland County International Airport (PTK), Pentastar Aviation is the exclusive provider of international waste handling services.