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First Commercial Operator of American Eurocopter 155

Waterford, Mich. – Pentastar Aviation Charter Inc., direct air carrier for the University of Michigan Health System’s Survival Flight program, became the first in the country to operate American Eurocopter 155 HEMS aircraft in an inaugural flight Friday, August 10, 2012.  The aircraft that entered service last Friday is one of three new EC155s that will replace three Bell 430 helicopters that are being retired from Survival Flight’s fleet.  In addition to the three new EC155s, the Survival Flight fleet includes a Cessna Citation Encore.

The new helicopters are equipped with advanced equipment and safety features, including the ability to fly in low-visibility conditions. They have nearly 50 percent more cabin space for nurses and patients, an all-glass cockpit and a 500-mile range allows them to fly as far as Syracuse, N.Y., or Louisville, Ky. without refueling.

“The additional space and seating arrangement in the new helicopters is going to make it easier for flight nurses to stabilize patients,” says chief flight nurse Donna Robinson. “And their increased speed is going to help us reduce the time it takes to get a patient to the treatment they need.”

Pentastar Aviation Charter, Inc. is proud to be in its fourth year as the exclusive aircraft operator for the Survival Flight program.

“We would like to congratulate the University of Michigan Health System on the expanded capabilities of the Survival Flight fleet,” said Rob Lewis, president and CEO of Pentastar Aviation.  “It is our privilege to partner with the premier health care provider in the nation to bring emergency care services to those in need through the Survival Flight program,” said Lewis.

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