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Pentastar Achieves Stage Two IS-BAO Registration

Waterford, Mich. – Following a comprehensive review International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) accredited auditors, Pentastar Aviation, LLC and Pentastar Aviation Charter, Inc. have been notified of their compliance with the IS-BAO standard and have also qualified for the coveted Stage Two status of IS-BAO Registration.

The IS-BAO (International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations) is a standard created by the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) to assist flight departments in providing aircraft operations in accordance with an internationally recognized quality system that goes beyond existing applicable national authority regulatory standards.  The requirement to show evidence of a robust safety management system (SMS) is a key driving factor behind the IS-BAO registration process.  Compliance with the IS-BAO standard, which is voluntary, demonstrates an organizational commitment to employ internationally recognized best practices and quality system standards.  The IS-BAO standard is based on International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards and industry best practices.

“Our operations revolve around the continuous implementation of the highest safety standards,” said Danny Clifton, Vice President Flight Operations.  “The achievement of Stage Two IS-BAO Registration reflects our steadfast commitment to the safety of our customers and employees.”

IBAC Audit Manager John Sheehan congratulated Pentastar Aviation on their achievement.  “The objective of a Stage Two evaluation is to confirm that safety management activities are appropriately targeted and safety risks are being effectively managed,” Sheehan said.  “Consequently, a Stage Two renewal audit focuses on assessing the appropriateness and effectiveness of the Safety Management System, which is the core of the IS-BAO program.”

Many elements of the IS-BAO safety standards exceed Federal regulatory requirements, further enhancing the breadth of Pentastar’s internal quality and safety standards in relation to private and commercial aircraft operations.


IS-BAO is a code of best practice. It has been developed by the industry for the benefit of the industry. It is the industry’s contribution to promoting highly professional operational practices. IS-BAO is intended to build upon the excellent safety record already established by business aviation.  IS-BAO is a voluntary standard.

Companies that apply IS-BAO and subscribe to its amendment service have no obligation in respect to its implementation. Nevertheless, IBAC encourages widespread adoption of the standards as a contribution by a responsive industry towards the objective of highly professional and standardized flight operations worldwide.

About Pentastar Aviation

For nearly 50 years, Pentastar Aviation has been a leader in the world of business aviation. Pentastar Aviation provides award-winning aircraft maintenance, aircraft management services, aviation advisors, avionics design/installation/repair and aircraft charter through Pentastar Aviation Charter, Inc.  Pentastar’s repair station received Airframe Class 3 and 4 Ratings from the FAA in January 2009 and boasts one of the most expansive and well-equipped facilities in the nation.  Pentastar’s

world-class FBO at Oakland County International provide exceptional customer service and amenities to regional, continental and global travelers.  Pentastar’s Oakland County (KPTK) location just received the Number #1 ranking among more than 1,600 FBOs in both the Aviation International News (AIN) 2012 FBO Survey and the Professional Pilot Magazine 2012 PRASE Survey.