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Transforming aviation through disruptive communications technologies, services, and related tools

SmartSky’s next-generation air-to-ground (ATG) network provides an unmatched connected experience inflight for both cabin and crew. Our patented beam-forming technology assigns each aircraft a unique network connection, providing unprecedented data security and integrity. SmartSky Networks connectivity products and services are engineered for one purpose: to provide the greatest possible experience to those who fly.


SmartSky LITE

SmartSky LITE brings SmartSky’s patented air-to-ground (ATG) technology to smaller business aircraft that cannot fit the SmartSky Flagship system. The LITE system uses a combination of 5G and LTE features to deliver dependable, responsive, and secure connectivity for high-bandwidth applications with stable data flow to and from the aircraft for everything from video calling and live streaming to operational flight data and situational awareness.

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Available STCs

SmartSky’s nationwide enhanced air-to-ground network delivers dependable, responsive and secure connectivity for the entire aircraft. High performance, real-time data transfer to and from the plane means continuity for your business and personal life. Click below to see current STCs available for SmartSky hardware systems. Installation for these aircraft can begin as soon as your maintenance schedule allows.

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SmartSky Flagship

Our equipment is designed and optimized to support the WiFi experience passengers expect and the connectivity the aircraft requires. The SmartSky shipset includes core components to install SmartSky on your aircraft such as a Full-Duplex Quad (FDQ) Tx/Rx aircraft active antenna, a High-Performance Blade (HPB) Rx aircraft active antenna, an Aircraft Base Radio (ABR), and a router of your choice from approved providers.

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Pentastar Aviation has been an exceptional partner to SmartSky since 2016, completing multiple Supplemental Type Certifications to make SmartSky’s game changing next-gen connectivity available on more business aviation aircraft – and more are on the way. SmartSky highly recommends the attentive and skilled Pentastar team as a valued and trusted ally in the industry.

Jana Rucker, SmartSky Vice President of Marketing & Communications


Keep your aircraft up-to-date and equipped with the latest tech. Contact us to discuss updates to your aircraft. Fill out the contact form and select “Connectivity” to reach our skilled team.

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