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Tailored aircraft management solutions to meet your individual aviation needs.

Aircraft management combining experience, safety and reliability

In the global marketplace, efficiency can be the difference between a good company and a great one. At Pentastar Aviation, we know private aviation is a valuable tool, used to minimize travel time while enhancing productivity, that is why we tailor our services to meet your individual aviation requirements.

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Comprehensive Management Services

You’ll realize all the advantages of having your own in-house flight department without the responsibility or overhead.

Extensive Expertise

Stemming from more than 50 years of experience in the aviation industry managing all types of aircraft in domestic and international operations.

Unwavering Mission of Professionalism & Integrity

Long-standing member of the most respected associations in our industry with Strict Codes of Ethics that are rigorously adhered to and guide our business practices. In addition membership with the International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA), allows us to further safeguard your aviation investment. While vigilantly monitoring your aviation program on a daily basis for improvements in safety, performance, and efficiency we will also monitor the value of your aircraft in the marketplace.

Personalized Service

Big enough to provide a wide variety of services but small enough to ensure personal attention. 

Diverse Operational Capabilities

An all encompassing provider, not just for aircraft management, but for FBO services, private jet charter, MRO services and our advisory services capabilities, which few competitors can match.

A Reputation of Safety and Service Excellence

Proven by consistently winning awards and accolades for our attention to safe operations and customer service excellence.

Other companies try to fit you into their products

We tailor solutions based on your individual aviation requirements

About Aircraft Management

Part 91 Management

Pentastar Aviation’s Part 91 aircraft management program is tailored to your specific aircraft and operational mission requirements. Pentastar’s extensive global operations experience allows you to capitalize on a worldwide selection of locations to service as your base of operation. 

You’ll enjoy access to the following:

  • 24/7 flight operations to allow flexibility in scheduling flights at your convenience
  • FAA-licensed flight followers who excel at coordinating all aspects of your flight planning and scheduling
  • Leveraged discounts on parts, services and insurance through Pentastar Aviation’s extensive vendor network
  • Maintenance planning and management focused on minimal downtime
  • Comprehensive crew management and training
  • Reporting customized to your needs

Part 135 Charter Management

The Pentastar Aviation Charter, Inc. (PACI) Part 135 Charter Management Program is the perfect option for maximizing the value of your aircraft. Utilizing the expertise and support of the sales and marketing team, your aircraft – when, not in use by you – can be offered to applicable customers for charter. Adding your aircraft to PACI’s charter certificate will allow you to generate revenue to offset the costs of operation as well as sometimes yielding tax benefits. You will always have the final approval on whether or not you want to make your aircraft available to PACI for any flight.

The Charter Management Program includes:

  • Full-time staff of experienced charter sales representatives working on your behalf 24/7
  • Robust marketing programs focused on revenue generation for your aircraft
  • Access to Pentastar Aviation’s extensive network of retail and wholesale contacts
  • Inclusion in charter special promotions
  • Assistance with maintenance and crew management

Charter Ally Program

Pentastar’s Charter Ally Program offers aircraft owners the financial benefits of our Part 135 Management Program, but with limited change to their current operation. Over the past two years, the landscape in business aviation has shifted dramatically as a result of the global pandemic. The desire for private aviation travel has reached unprecedented demand and created a significant aircraft supply shortage amongst charter operators. By putting your aircraft onto Pentastar’s charter certificate and becoming a Charter Ally partner, you can help to offset some of the significant cost of ownership.

The Charter Ally Program offers:

  • Ability to charter your aircraft at your discretion
  • Full-time staff of experienced charter sales representatives working on your behalf 24/7
  • Robust marketing programs focused on revenue generation for your aircraft
  • Inclusion in charter special promotions
  • Significant offset of ownership costs

Questions About Aircraft Management

What will having my aircraft managed by Pentastar Aviation be like?

As an operator with more than a 50 year legacy, you will benefit from our experience and expertise in aircraft management. We will provide you with a program that allows for worry-free flight operations by employing, training and supervising the crew, overseeing the maintenance, monitoring FAA regulatory compliance, and providing overall support and scheduling assistance for travel anywhere in the world by our FAA-Licensed flight followers 24/7. Pentastar Aviation will also handle all financial accounting for your aircraft providing you with customized reporting on a monthly basis. It will be like having your own in-house flight department without the responsibility or overhead as well as the benefits of increased buying power from a world-class provider.

What type of aircraft does Pentastar Aviation manage?

We manage a wide array of business aircraft ranging from turboprop to ultra long-range business jets and business airliners. As an FAA Authorized Part 145 Repair Station and all-encompassing service provider with unlimited maintenance capabilities, we are uniquely qualified to maintain every size business aircraft.

What if I would like my aircraft base of operation somewhere other than Pentastar Aviation’s KPTK headquarters?

We specialize in remote aircraft management. Our organizational support structure allows you to capitalize on a worldwide selection of locations to serve as your base of operations.

How will my flight crew be managed and trained?

Pentastar Aviation is committed to enabling superior performance of its workforce. Assigned personnel are managed and supported by Pentastar Aviation and the robust training programs and related job qualification processes we provide. Our processes involve performance evaluations to allow for continuous improvement as well as development opportunities for all employees. Pilots undergo ground school and simulator training every six months, conducted by Flight Safety International, as well as emergency, international, and company specific training on an annual basis. Cabin attendants receive training through Flight Safety International, in the areas of cabin safety, FAA regulations, customer service, aircraft and emergency procedures.

Can Pentastar Aviation charter my aircraft?

Adding your aircraft to Pentastar Aviation Charter, Inc.’s (PACI) charter certificate will allow you to do this. Your aircraft, when not in use by you, can be offered to applicable customers for charter with your expressed permission. Adding your aircraft to our charter certificate will allow you to generate revenue to offset the cost of operation as well as sometimes yielding tax benefits.

Can I choose my flight crew?

The pilots and maintenance personnel hired by Pentastar Aviation are selected to ensure a harmonious fit. Applicants are thoroughly screened, and then presented to you for approval, as they will be dedicated to your aircraft. We require all pilots hold Airline Transport Pilot Certificates and First Class Medical Certificates. All maintenance personnel must hold a FAA Airframe & Powerplant Certificate and possess relevant experience.

Can I place my aircraft in both FAR Part 91 and FAR Part 135 Management Programs?

Yes. Combining Pentastar Aviation’s Part 91 and Pentastar Aviation Charter Inc.’s Part 135 Management programs, you are able to take advantage of our expertise in managing your aircraft as well as enabling us to generate additional revenue for you by placing your aircraft on our charter certificate.

Will I receive any discounts through Pentastar Aviation?

Pentastar Aviation enjoys significant fleet discounts in the areas of pilot training, insurance, fuel, and maintenance based on our fleet purchasing power, and we pass these savings along to you.

How will I be informed of my aircraft's activity?

Each month you will receive a series of integrated, computerized reports that document the operational and economic activity of the aircraft for that month. Year-to-date and year-end metrics are also provided for program planning, control, and analysis.

What is Pentastar Aviation’s stance of safety?

At Pentastar Aviation and Pentastar Aviation Charter, Inc., every aspect of our private charter flight operations revolves around our steadfast commitment to safety. In fact, the importance placed on safety standards and processes is at the forefront of the Pentastar Aviation culture for every employee. Our team has decades of experience meeting rigorous private jet safety standards and we are committed to continuously evaluating our industry-leading safety programs. Our mission is to consistently exceed established industry standards, ensuring your aviation experience is safe and secure. We are IS-BAO registered, ARG/US Platinum Rated, a Wyvern Registered Operator, member of the Air Charter Safety Foundation, and have a robust Safety Management System (SMS) and comprehensive Emergency Response Plan (ERP).

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