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Pentastar Aviation® Adds Cessna Citation Models to STC on Articulating Yoke Mount for iPad®

Waterford, Mich. – Pentastar Aviation announces expansion of their Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) ST03138CH on the articulating yoke mount for Apple® iPad® to include Cessna Citation models. The update of the FAA Approved Model List (AML) allows Pentastar Aviation to install the specially engineered iPad® mounts on Citation 500, 550, S550, 560, and 560XL model aircraft.

The FAA certification of the Citation model allows pilots to safely use the rapidly expanding technology and associated flight applications available on the iPad® in-cockpit. This update to the AML enhances the original STC for a Class 2 Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) mount that included the development of the first-in-class cockpit iPad® fixture for Gulfstream Aerospace G-1159, G-1159A, G1159B, G-IV, GV, GV-SP and GIV-X model aircraft.

“With technology ever evolving, we know accessibility to it is key for pilots. When our engineering team designs a product like our iPad® mount, we want to make it accessible to as many users as possible,” said Greg Schmidt, Pentastar Aviation President and CEO. “Adding Cessna models to the FAA Approved Model List allows us to do just that.”

The Pentastar Aviation avionics team delivers an unmatched combination of quality, technology, superior customer service, and meticulous attention to detail. With decades of experience, the team provides industry-leading avionics system integration design, STC development, and service and maintenance on the most sophisticated avionics systems in the marketplace today.

About Pentastar Aviation

Pentastar Aviation, wholly owned by Edsel B. Ford II, is a leader in the world of business aviation, providing aircraft management, advisory services, aircraft maintenance, avionics services, interior services and award-winning FBO services. Air charter transportation services are provided by Pentastar Aviation Charter, Inc., a U.S. FAR Part 135 on-demand air carrier, or by other U.S. FAR Part 135 certificated on-demand air carriers arranged by Pentastar Aviation, LLC. It is committed to delivering the highest standards of safety and service excellence to their customers.

Pentastar Aviation has been servicing regional and global travelers for more than 50 years and is headquartered at Oakland County International Airport (PTK). For more information, please visit

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