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Pentastar Aviation Selects Vision Aircraft Records as Official Aircraft Logbook Software Provider

In a significant stride toward modernization and enhanced efficiency, Pentastar Aviation is thrilled to announce its collaboration with Vision Aircraft Records as the official provider for aircraft logbook software solutions. This partnership establishes Pentastar as one of the pioneers in truly paperless aviation and underscores a mutual commitment to advancing technology in aviation operations and maintaining meticulous, secure records in the fast-evolving aviation sector.

“Working with Vision has been great. We had an aircraft in pre-buy, and they traveled on site to onboard the aircraft during the pre-purchase inspection. This allowed us to start the conformity process before the aircraft arrived on site and have it 95% complete when it did arrive,” said Josh Rowe, Pentastar Managed Fleet Director of Maintenance.

Vision Aircraft Records’ revolutionary Secured Managed Aircraft Records Technology (S.M.A.R.T) is the only FAA accepted electronic record keeping system in business aviation. S.M.A.R.T centralizes and digitizes all aspects of recordkeeping, including maintenance entries, inspections, and airworthiness data. The system allows users to search, share, and manage all their aircraft records on a cloud platform.

“We are honored to work with Pentastar Aviation, an esteemed name in business aviation. This collaboration is a testament to our mutual goal of advancing the aviation industry through technological innovation. We are excited to contribute to Pentastar’s ongoing success and excellence,” stated Mark Leeper, CEO of Vision Aircraft Records.

This strategic partnership will integrate Vision Aircraft Records’ cutting-edge digital logbook software into Pentastar’s suite of services, further solidifying their commitment to innovation and service excellence.



About Vision Aircraft Records
Since 2016, the Vision Company’s Secured Managed Aircraft Records Technology (S.M.A.R.T) has been the Aviation Industry’s most trusted Aircraft Digital Logbook platform. Securing and managing close to $2 Billion in aircraft logbook value, Vision is meeting one of the greatest challenges in the aviation industry today . . . The conversion of over 100 years of “paper based” aircraft maintenance records into aircraft digital logbooks (ADLs). Focused on user-centric design and robust security, Vision Aircraft Records enables aviation companies to manage their maintenance records efficiently and effectively.