Waterford, Mich. – Pentastar Aviation announced today they have  established a marketing and distribution relationship with Aviation Clean Air, creator of the only proactive air and surface purification system available for any aircraft.  Pentastar Aviation will distribute and install the Clean Air Cabin ionization system from its repair station based at Oakland County International Airport (KPTK).

“A clean aircraft cabin supports the health of both passengers and crew and the innovative system developed by Aviation Clean Air takes cabin cleanliness to the next level,” said Greg Schmidt, Pentastar Aviation President & CEO. “Pentastar is pleased to be able to offer a solution to provide aircraft owners and operators healthier, fresher air.”

The patented bipolar ionization system installs into exisiting aircraft air conditioning ducts and utilizes a unique ionization process. The process removes volatile organic components and objectionable odors, pathogens, and allergens, immediately improving air quality inside of the aircraft.

“Aviation Clean Air (ACA) is very pleased to have Pentastar Aviation as a Distributor and Installation Center for our Bipolar Cold Plasma Ionization System,” said Howard Hackney, Managing Director. “The long and stable reputation of Pentastar’s professionalism and customer service contribute to the many reasons we are very happy to be associated with them.”

About Pentastar Aviation

Pentastar Aviation, wholly owned by Edsel B. Ford II, is a leader in the world of business aviation, providing aircraft management, advisory services, aircraft maintenance, avionics services, interior services and award-winning FBO services. Air charter transportation services are provided by Pentastar Aviation Charter, Inc., a U.S. FAR Part 135 on-demand air carrier, or by other U.S. FAR Part 135 certificated on-demand air carriers arranged by Pentastar Aviation, LLC. It is committed to delivering the highest standards of safety and service excellence to their customers.

Pentastar Aviation has been servicing regional and global travelers for more than 50 years and is headquartered at Oakland County International Airport (PTK). For more information, please visit www.pentastaraviation.com.


Dear Loyal Customers, Friends, and Concerned Travelers:


As our community, our nation, and our world collectively continue to navigate through these unprecedented and uncertain times, we search for ways to protect ourselves and the ones we love.  The team at Pentastar Aviation remains committed to helping you get to where you need to be, whenever you need to be there.  We will continue to set the standard for aviation and customer support excellence as we have since 1964.


From our family to yours, please stay safe and healthy.

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